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Abengoa is a company that has changed over the last years. The annual report of 2001 opens with "Abengoa, your partner in technical resources and solutions." The current Website shows: Abengoa, innovative solutions for sustainability." It is a company with headcuarters in Sevilla in Andalucia, the south of Spain.

The business is organized in six different business units of which three are directly recognizably focused on sustainability (like Solar, bioenergy, environmental - for example waste management), the others (information technology, industrial engineering and the Foundation) have more a general dedication focused on sustainability.

If there are values, I always take them into account when creating a profile. One interesting value the company uses is for example "lawfulness." This values is chosen because of "the security it offers and the risk it reduces." It seems a logical value for such a business. The other values are less specific and could be used in other company-business situations too (quality, professional rigor, confidentiality, etc).

The websites offers a myriad of information about not only the business but also the organization. I will mention two things:

The weblog. The blog started in January of this year and has interesting posts about the business. This weekend the president of one of the business units (Abengoa Bio energy) had written an article in a Spanish newspaper about the bio-fuel discussion. This is a tough topic these days where bio-fuel production is said to increase the food-prices.

Another interesting fact about this company's organization is "revealed" by the annual report on the site. There is no one annual report available, but only different parts divided in three volumes.
The reason becomes clear with a closer look to the company. Abengoa is a very large company. The previous mentioned business units (IT, industrial engineering and environmental), are separate companies: Befesa, Telvent and Abeinsa.

Besides Solar, all business units were already present in 2001. In that year the company (Bio Energy unit) was already the number one producer of Bio-ethanol in Europe.

Then there is a current (strategic) issues: "The president of Abengoa Bioenergy, Javier Salgado, said today that he would rule out to create its own distribution network for selling biofuels directly to end consumers." (1) But this may be only a statement to see how the market responds. From an organizational viewpoint it would mean an extra risk in the biofuel discussion I would say.

Hans Bool

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