Fx Trading - No Special Effects, Just Real Opportunities For Big Money


Referred to many as the ideal incarnation of what many investors feel is the perfect competition platform, the Forex market, or Fx trading as it is so lovingly called has been the cash cow of countries, governments, central banks and speculators all over the world. Now the word perfect here is used as generally as possible, because in no situation that where a market is not free from dominating forces is there a perfect environment for free unadulterated competition. The Forex has no investment cap, nor does it have limiting investor profiles. From even a $100 - $100, 000, 000 dollars, any amount can be injected into the Forex market. Analysts have always disapproved of how central banks have the ability to manipulate the main financial market ($3.2 trillion a day) due to their large capital injections. The more you inject, the more control you have.

It is an example of the sort of scalable and malleable capitalist investment markets that exist in this neo-liberal environment. Marxism cannot prevail here and because of its extreme financial nature, the fact that it deals with the controlling agent of world economy - it is the closest ideal to a free market system. For reasons of market regulation, governments have limits on how they can invest in Forex, and these legislations were agreed upon by monetary authorities all over the world. Imagine a scenario is a rich country with poor currency (example Saudi Arabia has the largest store of undeclared wealth in the world today) due to its still developing infrastructure. Its command of billions of excess funds would allow it to simply inject cash into the Forex market and turn the tide of the US or even the GBR currency.

Spot transactions would be upturned, the outright forwards and Forex swaps would go into disarray. So even in 'economia utopia', there must be rules and regulations set down so that the playing field is levelled to a certain degree. Normally, central banks do not have as much capital as governments and their interests are diversified. The main locations for Forex trading still remains to be London, New York and Singapore. Other markets include Tokyo and Chicago (with certain parts of Europe as well). One quick look at the top traders would reveal a list of banks - Deutsche Bank, UBS AG, Barclays, Citi, RBS, HSBC - you get the drift. The enormity of the market and its tendency to follow a pattern in different situations (because the main players and swingers still remain the same and market psychology has been measured in equilibrium over different periods repeating itself over months and years) means it is an ideal place for you to invest.

My thoughts - read some books and get advice about the do's and don'ts of the market to make Fx trading something of a fountain of wealth for you. Once you have the main principles of trading intact, then will you be able to reap the benefits of Forex trading and get yourself out of the job market and into financial freedom.

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